Invest in Corporate Training This Summer

The end of summer approaching thick and fast, making it a perfect time to evaluate your professional development.  With every working day, brings new challenges and as technology evolves, it is important that you are up to speed with the ever-growing list of skills that are required for your job role.


Corporate Training & Employee Development

Many of us working in the corporate industry find it hard to make time for a cup of coffee with colleagues, never mind a training course. This may be the case but it is important that you take room for professional development. As an employer, you are often the face and heartbeat of an organisation. Whether you work with a b2b or b2c organisation, in most cases your role is to be in contact with your customers. If your business cares about your development too, then they will make sure that you are energised with the right skills, that will benefit the company as a whole and will set it apart from its competitors.



Why Should You Invest in Corporate Training?

Like most things, depending on the effort and work you put into a training course, the bigger benefits you will receive from them. Budgets for staff training are lower than ever before, therefore many businesses have scrapped employee courses completely.

On the other hand, e-learning courses have made it easier for companies to justify employee spending as employees do not need to spend several hours or days in a classroom environment. The benefits from online learning are endless as it is accessible to employees across the board.


Saving Time on Training

E-learning is an excellent choice for employees who want to develop but cannot sacrifice the time. PMP training provider, Datrix says that “online learning is just a small investment of time and it allows professionals to learn from home and whole they are on the go”.

Statistics are showing that employees want to learn. Increased productivity makes an employee’s role easier. Last year 87% of millennials said that professional development or career growth opportunities are very important, with development being in the top three on-financial motivators.



Feel More Confident

It is not uncommon for professional to feel underappreciated and undervalued by their employer. An employee that takes pride in their development is one who will feel more confident in the workplace and when they are applying for more opportunities. You may not realise it at first, but training will help live up to your full potential. If your organisation is providing your team with training it will strengthen your talent pool as a whole.


Promotion Opportunities

44% of Millennials say, if given the choice, they expect to leave their current employers in the next two years, however, if you are receiving regular training, then you are more likely to stay within your organisation. An employer is more likely to hire internally if their current employees are already skilled and competent.


It’s an Employee Benefit

Training is an employee benefit that you deserve. Working day-in-day-out for the same business can be tough especially if you have been falsely promised benefits.Benefits do not always have to be pay increases or bonuses. By providing a development programme for you, your employer is widening your opportunities in an another way.


Learn Skills

This is the most obvious reason. Training allows you to build on skills and learn new ones. Technology is constantly changing and taking time out to develop your role in the workplace will never be a bad thing. Not only will this benefit you but your colleagues and customers.

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