Professional Logo Design Tips

Are you looking for some logo design advice? If you have never designed a logo, you make think it looks like an easy enough task, but you could not be more wrong. Drawing a circle then typing up the company name under it, is not logo design, sorry to break it to you.
Finding a good logo designer online can be a struggle and sometimes you have to pay a little more to get the results that you are after. If you are and want to stand out from the crowd, you should take some advice from professional logo designer, Repeat Logo.

Repeat Logo

Repeat Logo say that innovative logo ideas are their passion. They have helped a number of businesses through the design process.
We asked them how they work as a logo design agency, they said “we take the logo design process a step further by gaining an in depth understanding of the needs of your company, your anticipated design and branding requirements”.
They believe that the logo design process begins with their customers giving them detailed information on their business objectives. Once they have clarified this they help them to make a logo design which is suited to them.

Colour & Logos

When you are designing a logo colour should be one of the most important considerations for logo design. Colour carries meanings and communicates ideas, that is why it should never be decided on the spot. Logo design is a process, you should be able to pick and choose from designs which you are attracted to.

When colour is concerned, try to consider what the logo will be used for and whether it will require a different version for online or print.

Stand Out from The Crowd

The world’s best logos are all very different. Nike. CocaCola. Chanel. They are all extremely different from other businesses in their sector. Logos like this do not come around that often, why? They do not stick to what the crowd expects.

Following Trends

Be a trend setter, do not follow the trends. When it comes to logo designs, every few years or so, new fads come along. Whatever you do, do not copy or rip someone of. By hiring a logo designer, they will be able to create something unique for your brand that no one else has seen before.

With Repeat Logos packages you get to see several design concepts which you can then change to make them the colour and style which you have been imagining. Working with a logo designer is great as you can bounce off one another making the logo look its very best at the end of the logo design project.

Custom Type

Are you looking for a simple logo in a custom type? Good choice! These are the type of logos that can last for a life time, just think of Calvin Klein! Choosing to have a logo without images can work to your advantage and there’s almost nothing that can give your logo a unique feel quite like some awesome custom lettering.

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