Learn How to Convert VCR Tapes to DVDs

If you’ve ever wanted to use VCR tapes to make backup copies of your favourite TV shows or movies, now is a great time to do just that. Most people don’t realize this, but the technology used in VHS to copy movies to DVDs is the same technology that’s used to make your current computer work on the Internet. This means that you can easily backup all of your favourite videos and movies to the hard drive of your computer, and have them accessible whenever you need to. You can even burn VHS tapes for backup purposes in order to create copies of your favourite TV shows on DVD. The process to convert VCR to DVD has become far more accessible in recent years.


The easiest way to convert VCR tapes to DVD is actually to capture the video onto a computer and then copy it onto DVD. Such method can retain the original audio and video quality as well as the original appearance. To copy VHS tapes to computers, you simply need an external A/V cable and an appropriate analog to digital converter.

In order to properly convert the VCR tapes to DVDs, you must first convert them to AVI. All you have to do is plug in your audio and video cables to the AVI input port of your computer. Next, select the “Burn” tab at the left hand side of the interface, and click the “Convert to CD” button. On the following screen, ensure that “Burn Format” is selected, and that you have selected “Video”Audio.”

When you’re done converting the VHS tapes, you must then burn a copy of your new movie onto DVD and then insert the disc into the VCR. You will need to insert the blank DVD disc into the VCR by inserting the blank DVD disc tray into the VCR and inserting the A/C power cord. You will need to turn the VCR on, and then turn the A/C off. It is important that you keep the power on for several seconds while powering up the A/C so that the DVD burning software has enough time to burn out the data. from the blank disk.


When you insert the blank DVD into your DVD drive, you will be able to see the screen that has been shown in the last step when converting VHS tapes to DVD. Now you can view the blank DVD, select the “burner” icon, and press the “burn” button. You can choose the “backup menu” button, and browse through the menu until you find the “create movie” option. and then follow the prompts to create a backup copy of your favorite movie on the blank DVD.

You can also use your PC to burn the newly created copy of your DVD directly to a DVD, but this may require you to burn a VHS to DVD copy to a blank DVD by burning your video directly to the VCR itself. You can also burn the DVD using software or even an online service. The entire process can be completed quickly and efficiently by using a reliable digital conversion service. There are a variety of companies online which you can use in order to manage this service efficiently. The process of converting 8MM film slides has also become popular. It is another high quality service which can be found online.