The Meaning of Learning in a Career

One of the many mysteries of the human experience is how people can continue to have careers after their lives. We are all faced with the question of how we were able to avoid being retired for a period of time and then find ourselves working again in a different field. Is there some something about learning that helps us move on?

Many people say that the question of the meaning of learning is too big to be answered with a single paragraph. In fact, some people think that there is no meaning of learning at all. Their answer is that we learn and we grow, and we learn when we are young, and we grow and mature when we are old. If you think this is too simplistic a way of thinking, remember, that your children are younger than you are, so you still have the chance to learn more than they do.

Continuing The Process

Of course, it is much easier to go on growing, because you can watch your children. It’s a lot harder to go on learning, because it is hard to watch a toddler learning how to walk. You know what I mean. But if you want to keep your baby, you have to keep teaching him or her how to walk.

If you are looking to gain knowledge from your job, you might wonder whether a career that doesn’t need much work is a better choice than one that requires lots of time and effort. Most people who are in careers that require little work are happy to have jobs, but those who are in careers that are not that well-paying will often wonder if there is a better alternative. Why should people who are “sitting around” get paid less than people who are in careers that take a lot of work?

The answer is: Because that’s how people are going to keep getting paid. There is going to be more money available in careers that require more work. The best choice will be one that requires the least amount of work. For instance, teaching a class at the local college can be an enjoyable and interesting career. There are lots of ways to learn, and it will keep you learning even after you have finished your degree.

What is the problem, then, with keeping learning for the sake of learning? I’m not sure, but I have heard a lot of stories over the years. What if you are learning but aren’t learning any more?

If you are like most people, then you may well be able to keep your career, but will be unhappy. I think the thing to remember is that what you are doing now will probably be done by somebody else in another career. Maybe not tomorrow, but if you keep pushing yourself to keep learning, you are making a decision to retire in another career.


Your journey in life, and your choices about learning, can help you in another career. They can help you in a career that is full of work, or one that is filled with more leisure. So, keep your learning alive, and you will make life much more interesting.

The sad thing is that many people don’t end up where they want to be in their careers, but never get out of their jobs. What if I had been in school when I went into real estate? What if I had gone into a field where I knew there was work available?

Some people do end up in the wrong direction, because they don’t learn as much as they could. They are happy in a career, but they aren’t learning much, so they aren’t doing the things that will make them happy in a career.

When you become bored with the current career, remember that you can move on to other learning and other careers. Keep your mind interested, and there is no limit to what you can achieve.

Learning for yourself is great. You can learn how to do something as simple as writing a resume, or as complex as buying and selling a business. Use your time wisely, but you will be happy when you reach the point where you can see how learning is part of your life.

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