Tips For Growing Your TikTok Account

Post… A Lot!

The key to reaching different target audiences and increasing your views, likes and followers, is to post multiple times per day on the platform. This may sound like a lot, but it is crucial if you want your account to grow. By posting minimum 4 times per day, you are giving your account the opportunity to reach different audiences and connect with different age groups and niches.

Get Involved In Trends

TikTok is notorious for being home to new trends that grow in popularity almost overnight. Whether there is a funny trend growing, a popular song or a TikTok original sound trending, be sure to use it and get involved. This will push your content on more “for you” pages which will increase visibility and awareness.

Start A New Trend

As much as you are getting involved in existing trends, try to make one of your own. Creating new and unique content is always the key to growing on social platforms and it is what keeps users intrigued and entertained. This could be choreographing your own dance, creating your own audio or song or even showing snippets of your life. The aim is to get others copying your trend.

Post Your TikTok On Other Platforms

Social media platforms work together, and when used properly and cohesively, they can grow an account rapidly. Be sure to link your TikTok to your Instagram and vice versa. This increases your chances of being recognised this way if you are present on more than one platform.


Ensure to duet with viral videos and content creators. Users enjoy watching people’s reactions to viral videos and it brings more users to your page, increasing likes and views. Sometimes when people duet popular TikTok stars, they comment or like the video themselves which again boosts your overall visibility.

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