Make Some Extra Cash This Summer

Ok so if you are looking for some quick cash this summer then there are more than a few things you can do working from home. The most obvious choice is consulting; if you already have the knowledge or experience in a specific area you can help others become better at it too. This is only one option, find out more below.


This is similar to consulting, however, there are a lot of students who need assistance in every subject. Making money from knowledge that you already have is a great idea and by starting your own tutoring business you can work at a time and place which suits you.


Websites like Fiver make freelancing so easy and whether you write, design or develop you will be able to do something from home which will bring the pounds pouring in. As long as you have your own laptop and a Wi-Fi connection, you are good to go.


Vlog with YouTube

Become an internet sensation and start making YouTube videos. Every laptop, tablet, and smartphone comes equipped with a built-in camera, which means you will not need to invest much into this business idea. Get a following and you can start profiting from your vlog through ads.


If you are constantly fixing things for friends, then you could be making money from those minor household repairs. Advertise yourself as a handyman and you can spend your spare time switching out a broken electrical outlet or sealing a pipe under the kitchen sink. Due to the nature of your business, you can charge hourly meaning your customers will get what they pay for.

Menu planning

This has gotten popular in recent years. Facebook accounts like Tasty have hundreds of followers. You can help people eat right and save money at the same time. Personal trainers can be expensive, if you have a sports qualification, offer meal and exercise plans.

House sitter/pet sitter

You could make a lot of money by doing this over the summer months. The best things about doing this is that it requires no initial investment, simply get your friends and family to advertise your service by sharing posts.
Homemade gourmet foods

You can make a lot of money by making homemade gourmet foods. Jams, soups, chocolates or cakes, people love gourmet food products. Some trial and error may be required for this but once you have a winning recipe customers will keep coming back.

Professional organiser

This is like a personal assistant job but you can do it from home. Professional organisers can help people get their homes back-in-order for no more than £20, this can include admin tasks, cleaning, list making or getting rid of clutter.

Grocery delivery

This one may mean spending money on petrol but this part time job is a guaranteed money maker. Only a selection of grocery stored offer delivery services, but not all of them. Cheaper outlets such as Aldi and Lidl do not offer delivery, charge customers to go to the store for them and deliver their groceries to their home.

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